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cargo Tracking System

Optimise Your Logistics

We provide mobile and web-based solutions using GPS and RFID technology on build -operate-manage basis combining our expertise in hardware and software. Our platfrom allows you to selectively share data with your partners . We have over 5000 subscribers using our Saas Platform.

Measure the performance of your fleet and drivers.

We specialise in providing you real time and periodic analytics such as average stoppage time, total moving time, average moving speed and more. We even allow you to configure your notifications for events such as beginning of journey, arrival at destination and excessive stoppages.

LoRaWAN enabled solutions

We use LoRaWAN technology in our Cargo Tracking Suite. This technology available on an open band allows for quick and efficient transmission of data between IoT devices.

High Security Solutions

Use GPS e-locks to enjoy pilferage free transport allowing you to see real time alerts on the apps. You can create your own geo fences and route corridors and configure alerts for device tampering and route deviation and more. We come with experience of over 10 million kms of high security cargo tracking.

Port Traffic

LynkGrid integrates fully with our cargo tracking system and allows you to track the exact location of the container within the terminal. Our solution improves coordination between all the stakeholders ; importers, exporters, crane operators, drivers and other agents. We make customised turnkey solutions to make your operations by allowing you to share data about gate in/our and any other processes you wish to indicate such as; inspections, clearance processes and so on.

We have partenered with Incheon Port Authority to bring state of the art technology for fastest possible container evacuation times We have partnered with KL-Net, Korea's one & only service provider for the National Port Community System We have partnered with Korea Customs UNI-PASS Single Window (CUPIA) to provide a true National Single Window for all trade and regulatory needs

Online Document Processing Solutions

Interactive document management solutions that simplify completion of complex forms

    Upload data through excel or API and get complete documents or forms to download and print
    Automated calculations within documents or forms

Business Intelligence Reportin

    Generate and download reports with key business analytics data
    Summarize raw data into visual content like tables, graphs and charts

Workflow And Collaboration

    Share documents with partners, vendors or service providersa
    Designate specific data input responsibilities to different users

E-Signing And Document Security

    Get your documents signed and verified with digital signatures
    Verify document authenticity

Access All These Features On The Go With IOS And Android Mobile Applications


We have digitized GST return forms, RBI Export Declarations, and forms of DGFT for hundreds of exporters. We have even developed an electronic Proof of Delivery for shipping lines, NVOCCs and AEOs.

Sales and Inventory Management System Suite

Fully customizable cloud hosted sales management solution with real time updates and analytics Increases sales win rate based on analysing current sales trends and past behaviour of the client Empowers sales team and distributors with delegated negotiation ability Enables sales team for “on the go” quotations and commercial invoices for customers Real time inventory updates


A client providing GPS tracking services requires a logistics solution for rotating devices between points of origin and destination across the length and breadth of India. Our inventory management system mapped the entire hub-and-spoke network and optimised operations to minimise inventory. Using analytics and predictive modelling, we optimized the ARPU (Average Revenue Per Unit), enabling our client to save 23% in capex.

Management Software


You can add your employees, creates teams, create project names, task types and priority levels. Each task can be assigned to a different set of individuals, teams and under different projects. The rights of inputting and reading of the employees can be set as well depending upon projects and hierarchy.

Communication and visibility

Our PMS will give you a 360° view of what is happening in your office. You can view who is doing what, who created a task, when and who started it. Our indigenous chat bot allows you to post comments, attachments and links against each task to make sure things aren’t missed in emails and on whatsapp

Calendering System

Our calendar integrates all tasks deadlines and leaves into one system. It allows team members and management to be able to able to plan ahead. Tasks deadlines, individual’s responsibilities and their leaves can all be viewed on a single page to enhance coordination.

Leave Management

Employees can apply for leaves, give reasoning and dates of absence. The dates, or hours of the leave can also be communicated through our platform. Leaves can be verified by the manager and then approved by higher level of management.

About Us

We are a software company, specializing in providing fully stacked B2B solutions. We specialize in block chain applications, IoT based trace and track solutions, process automation, and e-governance solutions, which have been deployed in a diverse set of industries such as logistics & transportation, manufacturing, e-commerce, and healthcare.

Our motto is “orchestrating efficiency”, which is what we set out to do in each of our projects by “lynking” every stakeholder, process and action into a seamless and integrated process flow.

We are headquartered in New Delhi with 40 full time employees engaged in software development and support our clients through a 24x7 call centre. Our technology team is led by highly experienced professionals with rich experience in global companies like Samsung, S.T. Microelectronics, AECOM (USA).

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